Thursday, February 07, 2008

the latest and greatest

so the past week or so has been pretty great. first of all, i got a ton more unpacked at home. i am on my way to organization! can you believe it?

Also, while Jen was in Texas (wish i could have gone), i had a great weekend. Friday night I hung out with Cynthia, Dan and Cynthia's friend and fellow bellydancer Lorraine. I've heard about Lorraine for years, so i was excited to finally meet her. She was here on a long layover before continuing on to Taiwan (i hope that's right). Anyway, we had dinner at A La Turk, a turkish place that Cynthia took me and Faisal to before. Yummers. It was a very laid back evening as after dinner we went back to Cynthia's place for homemade espresso brownies and laughed as the dogs entertained us.

Saturday night, joined by Andrea and Svet, I got to try Mykonos, the little greek restaurant just around the corner from my apartment. Delicious! Afterwards we bar hopped from Tunnel Top (blackberry mojitos) to Red Room (sugar rimmed lemon drops) and rounded out the night with a slice of pizza. Amazing how much trekking around we did in spite of the rain and Andrea's sassy blue open toe kitten heels.

Sunday I went to Jordan's super bowl party. I got to meet a bunch of his co-workers from BSSP. Brooks was there, too, along with his girlfriend Reagan. They are both from Texas.

The best part of the weekend though was Monday night, if that even counts. I finally got to try Zumba, a dance-cardio class that Leah's been recommending to me for a long time. She took it from her local YMCA and loved it so much that she is now certified to teach it. And of course she rocks at it! And now I know why. It was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to go back. It incorporates all types of latin dance, hip-hop and even bellydance into a fun hour-long workout.

Other than zumba, i am going to try to start going to kickboxing, body conditioning and pilates all at my nob hill gym. And soon i'm going to join urban gypsy's bellydance classes. But with work being so unpredictable, i'll take things one step at a time for now. :)


inspired by Alexandra, Angie, and all the new and exciting experiences i am having day to day now, i am going to start blogging. so we'll see how consistent i am with this :)