Wednesday, February 24, 2010

motivator within a motivator

hopefully this topic isnt getting too old yet - but my most recent fitness goal is to gym 3-4x a week, with the emphasis on 4. I use an application from my gym called Wellpower to track my gym visits—it's a good motivator to be able to log in the next morning and see the number go up. I felt compelled to celebrate how my graph looks when i saw the yellow bar today - i can visually see the change that my new fitness goal has had. It's a motivator within a motivator. Let's hope I keep it up! At least my booty is looking nicer :)

a small rant

When it comes to conservation, recycling, composting, etc, there are different levels of laziness that i see at my agency. One that I cannot stand is throwing things into the wrong bin—like throwing a used compostable plate with a knapkin and leftover foods bits into an office trash can. Move your ass to the kitchen and put it in the compost bin!

Even worse is the reason for this rant- throwing a recyclable container into the recycle bin, with food in it, ie a full serving of sushi. Hey slappass—take off the lid, dump the sushi in the compost bin to your right, and then throw the lid and container into the recycle bin. So easy a child could do it.

It just amazes me how much this agency does to make it easy for everyone to do small things in the name of sustainability and most people cannot even take a second to think and participate!