Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Such a "Kelly" store... Loyal Army

I've seen this company's stuff in Boston and all around, but I finally got to go into their very own store on upper haight this past weekend. Such cute stuff! I picked up some treats for Carrie & Stephen's new baby boy. I hope i can go back to pick out some totes and duffels and tees for myself soon! I'll have to remember to shop there for Megan and Paige, too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hmm, birthday wish list?

I thought i'd make a birthday wish list.. since my 30th is around the corner!

Handmade Hellos from Hello Lucky Letterpress

New workout wear from Lululemon- would love a giftcard :)

And i'm still looking for the perfect high-tops.. maybe Nike Dunks or some Vans Old Skools....

Leila is here!

Congratulations to Robyn, Aaron and Zach - Leila Nicole is here!
(born Mon 1/26/09)
I know, i know, this post is very late...

inspiring design

So i found the perfect letterpress wedding shower invites for Bethany's shower at FLAX, a great art store here in San Francisco. Well today i finally visited the company's website and it's so cute. Great design-both the site and the products. AND they have a great blog. Check it out:

Letterpress products:

Hello Lucky Blog:

have fun!