Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Life Events All Around

So, it looks like everyone is moving into the next chapters of their lives lately. My cousin Robyn is pregnant with her second child, due in January. Margaret is pregnant with her second child as well, due in February. And the biggest news of all... Carrie is pregnant with her FIRST child, due in March!! I am so excited!

On top of all that, Bethany and Chris are engaged. The wedding is at the end of March. Also, Traci and James are on their way to engagement, and will likely marry next May i think.

As for me, Faisal is moving out here and will be here on Saturday morning. Yay! I can't wait!

So many exciting things going on! It's going to be a busy next six months or so!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I was just re-reading some of my blog posts and I thought I should give an update. My zumba class unfortunately changed date and time, so I am unable to attend it currently. Occasionally I catch a Sunday class, but I'm not very good at remembering to go! sheesh

I have however been going to Dark Fusion Bellydance at Shoebox Studios, taught by one of my favorite dancer/performers Ariellah. It's been so fun and very challenging. She's tough!

In addition to bellydance, I try to catch yoga at my Nob Hill gym whenever I can. I havent gone lately, but it's one of my favorites. Last time Faisal was here, we went together.

Oh Friday

So I was just trying to figure some stuff out on here today, and I read through my comments. In the spirit of Margaret's comment about changing my blog title, I have. Ha Ha!

It's a pretty day here in SF. I'm glad it's Friday! Tomorrow Jen and I will be joining Svetlana and her hubby Ryan in Jenner on the Russian River to celebrate Svetty's birthday (about 2 hours North). Should be very relaxing!

Also, 2 more days until my love Faisal departs from DC, making his way to live in SF. I am very excited! He'll spend some time in Dallas with his family, and then drive out to SF accompanied by his best friend Amyn. They should arrive next weekend! Yay!

Happy Weekend Everyone! XOXO