Thursday, June 11, 2009

inspiring blog

Noooo, I am not getting married. But very once in a while I find a blog or site that really merits revisiting as much as possible. Alex, who is planning her wedding, shared this wonderful treat of a site with me:

Even though I am not planning a wedding (I do attend quite a few!) -- I do appreciate good photography, lovely color palettes, DIY craft ideas, beautiful letterpress and invitation designs, fun themes and excellent web design. It's all there! Check it out! Get inspired! It's like going into an anthropologie store, but without even getting out of your chair!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My 30th Year: The year of changes

For years I've been saying that I want to lose weight and get in shape and be healthier. And for years I have mostly done the opposite peppered with stints of eating a certain way or going to the gym a little. Obviously, this hasn't worked!

If only time travel existed, I would go back in time and slap myself in the face! I would tell myself not to eat the pizza and soda constantly provided by Tribal DDB. I would tell myself to eat less pasta and rice and add veggies. And I especially would tell myself to be more active. For so many years I told myself things like "Oh, if i am going to eat _____ (insert high calorie food), I may as well eat as much of it as i want" or "tomorrow I won't have cheese enchiladas ever again."

Fast forward to 2009. I have figured out the exercise thing- I go to the gym fairly often and I take zumba, sometimes yoga, do strength training, or swim. I've had some sessions with a trainer and I am starting kickboxing next week. I don't even go as much as I think I could, but I am consistent with the zumba at least. And my gym buddy Svetlana is a big help!

Well now that I am 30, I decided it was high time for me to figure out the diet and nutrition side of things. So I started seeing a nutritionist-who I affectionately refer to sometimes as my food therapist. LOL.

She is great. I have seen her about 3 times over 4 weeks. My next appointment is in about 1.5 weeks. I have learned what kind of foods to eat in the morning—minimum high fiber and protein! I have learned what foods to incorporate into my diet—more veggies, fruits and protein! I have learned portion control. I don't necessarily have to cut out foods -- i can have the good stuff-- but i don't need to gorge on it.

I think the biggest thing I have learned is to BE PREPARED. If I don't have groceries, then I am naturally going to eat out, especially grab a slice of pizza ( I mean there are hundreds of those places by my apartment). Now I make a huge effort to go to the grocery store, as well as cook at home. I have been bringing breakfast, lunch and snacks to work consistently. I even mostly cut out coffee by indulging in Honest Mate teas from Whole Foods (they even have natural agave sugar in them-bonus!).

I have been writing down everything i eat for like 6 weeks now. It keeps me in check. And best of all, I have lost 4 or more pounds! If I can keep up that rate, I'll be so happy by end of summer! Really all I want to do is wittle down my venusbelly. So let's hope for that!