Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Endless to-do's!

Well hello there mr. blog. It's been a while, hasn't it? Work has been a tad slower this week, and I just finished doing quite a bit of traveling, so my mind has been in the concept of cleaning, organizing, purging, and so on.

I definitely have a short attention span, and I hate cleaning, so getting organized is very hard for me. I get excited about it, but then inevitably, I get tired, distracted, overwhelmed, or bored.

However, I am finding that doing a little each day does help. Further from that, who knows. I feel as though I just will never ever finish. From deleting, archiving or responding to emails, to updating my portfolio, to sending off birthday cards and thank yous, to cleaning out junk mail, paying and filing bills, where does it end?

I've found a few tools to help, one of which I can't wait to try when I get home tonight. It's called PaperKarma. It's an iphone app that you use to capture an image of your various junk mail, and then the app takes care of unsubscribing you from nagging unwelcome catalog subscriptions and credit card apps (which really are the bain of my existence).

Anyone have any other organizational tips?


Carrie S. said...

No tips - but good to see you blogging again! :-)

i love svet said...

i agree on doing a little every day - i just saw the sarah jes parker movie, i dont know how she does it, see it...i really liked it

i love svet said...

i just downloaded paperkarma, thx